Safford Training System - Bob Safford - 463 Minutes

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For the first time ever in his Primerica career, Bob Safford stunned 1,400 Safford Superstar audience members by laying out his entire plan for Primerica success. Joined by fellow “MOPS” Jim Meyer, Keith Otto and Jim Penn, Bob released this remarkable series to help you grow your business and surpass your goals. Recorded on March 15, 2006 in Newark, New Jersey.

Chapter Titles:
Disc 1
Jim Meyer - Opening Comments
Bob Safford - Do Exactly
Disc 2
Bob Safford - The Math of the Business
Bob Safford - The STEAM Process
Dave Hyles - The Three Foot Rule
Disc 3
Tom Safford - Setting the Stage
Bob Safford - The Interview
Disc 4
Jim Penn - Taking Action
Bob Safford - Q&A
Bob Safford - The Third Party System
Disc 5
Bob Safford - The Carry Back
Bob Safford - Second Session
Bob Safford - The Schedule
Disc 6
Bob Safford - How to Organize Your Time
Bob Safford - Q&A
Keith Otto - Closing Comments
Disc 7
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24 Hr Interview.pdf
Boot Camp Slides.pdf
Everyone Wants a Shot (Video)
About the Speaker
From poor and humble beginnings Bob Safford knew from childhood what life he wanted, the life of a millionaire. He became a student of the wealth and by age 28 made his first million. Bob meet the founder of Primerica, Art Williams, while working as a top executive at another Insurance Company. In 1980 he signed on with A.L. Williams, now Primerica, because Bob saw the incredible opportunity to build his company within a company even though he was already financial independent - Net worth One Million. Bob is an above average achiever having graduated from Cornell University, Marine Corps Officer, and founder of his own insurance company. He constantly challenges himself and his organization to set new goals and pioneer new territories. At 70 years old Bob brought the Primerica opportunity to the United Kingdom and exploded his organization in an unfamiliar culture.

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