Millionaires University by Bob Safford - 297 Minutes

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Saturday Trainings are an important part of this business; however Bob Safford felt the serious builders deserved a higher quality training experience.  The Safford Hierarchy is overwhelmingly large and filled with top-producers building top-producers.  To address the training requirements of the Safford Superstars, Bob developed The Safford Millionaires University.  MU is now headed and primarily ran by Bob’s son Tom Safford.  Tom not only teaches and trains for MU he organizes and brings in other top leaders with real Primerica building experience to teach at MU.

This recording of MU Training is special because Bob himself guest speaks along with Tom and fellow PFS Millionaire Robert Niggebrugge. 
Millionaires University gives training for the Systematic Methodology that Bob Safford built his Primerica 4+ Million Dollar Year Income on! 
Topics covered in Millionaires University:
  • Form habits that average people don’t like to do
  • Getting close to an expert and following them exactly
  • How to start over – Bob has done it 5 times SUCCESSFULLY!
  • The two ways to succeed in Primerica – Normal and Fast!
  • Teaching people to take an action step – what do you dream about?
  • The Four Purposes for an appointment in Order!
Chapter Titles:
Disc 1
1.  Preparation for MU Training - Tom Safford
2.  Necessities for Success - Bob Safford
3.  Normal vs. Accelerated PFS Success - Bob Safford
4.  Training & Disciplining Your Mind - Bob Safford
Disc 2
1.  Developing Your CCMP – Bob Safford
2.  Formula for Believing in Yourself - Bob Safford
3.  Goal Setting Power - Robert Niggebrugge
4.  Defining Key Success Principles - Robert Niggebrugge
Disc 3
1.  How to Make & Use Goals - Robert Niggebrugge
2.  Crucial Building Formulas - Robert Niggebrugge
3.  Specific Mind Programming - Tom Safford
4.  Set Goals That Stretch the Realistic - Tom Safford
Disc 4
1.  Purpose to Master the 3rd Party Referral System - Tom Safford
2.   Harnessing the Power of Two - Tom Safford
3.  How NOT to Quit PFS - Tom Safford
4.  How to Stay Focused on Your Goals - Tom Safford
About the Speaker:
Bob Safford - From poor and humble beginnings Bob Safford knew from childhood what life he wanted, the life of a millionaire.  He became a student of the wealth and by age 28 made his first million.  Bob meet the founder of Primerica, Art Williams, while working as a top executive at another Insurance Company.  In 1980 he signed on with A.L. Williams, now Primerica, because Bob saw the incredible opportunity to build his company within a company even though he was already financial independent.  Bob is an above average achiever having graduated from Cornell University, Marine Corps Officer, and founder of his own insurance company.  He constantly challenges himself and his organization to set new goals and pioneer new territories.

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