Joe Cardino Long Island Leadership School - Guest Speaker Mike Pressler - September 23 - 212 Minutes

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Joe Cardino joined Primerica in 1993 after hearing about a business opportunity from a friend. Primerica allowed Joe to be his own boss, work as many or as little hours as he chose and enjoy an unlimited income potential — all while helping families become debt free and financially independent. Today, Joe's organization continues to grow and he is on his way to fulfilling his goals and dreams.

1. Welcome Introductions and What Primerica Does - Joe and Dee Cardino

2. Confidence - Andrew Montero

3. How To Get Better - Maggie Padilla

4. Master Copy - Bob Gerbe

5. Ten Things That Require Zero Talent - Joe Cardino

6. Future RVPs - Martin Morales and Jonathan Mercado and Jared Berrios

7. Ten Steps To Making Money In Primerica - Mike Kash

8. Building Confidence Through Activity - Jenny Escobar

9.Partnership - Dee Cardino

10.Partnership - Oliver and Karen Coutrier

11.Family Business - Lisette and Manny Mercado

12.Partnership and Commitment - Dondi and Susie Rollins

13.Fundamentals and Expansion - Patrick Salerno

14.Putting In The Time - Nelida Flynn

15.Getting Off To A Fresh Start - Ryan Elliott

16.Become Intentional - Mike Humenik

17.Dream Big - Phil Lefavi

18.Rising Stars - Nicole Young and Mauricio Espinal and JC

19.Seven Habits Winners Have In Common - Yolene Justafort

20.Five Roadblocks To Greatness - Paul Catanzarite

21.Biography Buster Douglas - Dennis Cortes

22.The Opportunity Is Now - Mike Pressler

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