Everything is Funny When You're Making Money - Mike Pressler - 363 Minutes

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It’s only work if you’re not having fun. Mike Pressler’s downright hilarious seminar will have you laughing all the way to the bank, as he helps put the fun and excitement back into your business. Press Play on these CDs whenever you need a Primerica pick-me-up.

Disc 1
1. My Story, Pt. 1
2. Build Relationships One Day a Week
Disc 2
1. My Story, Pt. 2
2. The Coach Approach
3. Be a Key Person, Build Key People
Disc 3
1. My Story, Pt. 3
2. Better Days
Disc 4
1. My Story, Pt. 4
2. Talking with People
Disc 5
1. Overcoming Fear
2. Affirmations
About the Speaker:
Everyone loves Mike Pressler. One of the funniest guys in Primerica, his comical deliveries and unpredictably hilarious style on stage make him a delight to listen to. His current half million in annual earnings with PFS give him plenty of enthusiasm to pass on to audiences.

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