Creating a Six Figure Residual Securities Income - Roy Matlock - 187 Minutes

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Can you image earning 50K a year without having a single person on your team and not having to do any additional work? That is a reality for Million Dollar Earner Roy Matlock! Though the residual income from his security clients Roy starts his year earning 50K before he even tries! If you are ready to take your personal and professional financial independence all the way to the TOP – then you must become a Securities Investor!  Creating a Six Figure Residual Securities Income is’s first Securities Training Product. This training series is over 4 hours of detailed steps, numbers, definitions, scripts, sale techniques, and goal setting strategies for securing a HUGE residual income. Discover Roy’s Million Dollar keys to creating a Return Referral Business – get booked in your office 4-6 weeks in advance!

Roy covers topics including:
  • Taking Care of Your Personal Finances – Creating a Personal Budget
  • Giving the Value of a Permanent Solution to Debt – More than S.M.A.R.T
  • Doubling Your Primerica Income through Securities
  • Securing Residual Income: Life Insurance + Mutual Funds
  • Repeat Business and Future Value of Customers
  • History of Mutual Funds
  • Mutual Funds: A vs. B Shares, Load vs. No Load, Benefits of Funds
  • Rate of Return vs. “Real” Rate of Return and Reducing Volatility
  • Tax Benefits and Increase Purchasing Power
  • Value vs. Growth Funds, Asset Allocation, and Diversification
  • 401K Rollovers and Lump Sum Investing
  • Understanding Variable Annuities, 1035 Exchange – Tax Shelters
  • Getting Referrals – Prospecting Up & Down
  • Choosing & Recommend Funds to Clients
  • How to Build a Case as to Why Clients should Invest with You
  • Prospecting, Recruiting, Selling, Overcoming Objections and Closing
  • Setting Goals for Securities Business Growth
Disc 1
1. Gaining Credibility: Securing Your Personal Finances
2. 10 Reasons to Get Your Securities License
3. How We Get Paid on Investments
4. Mutual Funds: Become an Owner NOT a Loaner
Disc 2
1. Reading List for Securities Income Success
2. KT Presentation: Selling Financial Independence
3. Presenting to Business Group: 401Ks
4. How to Sell Lump Sum Investing
5. Asset Allocation: Balancing Value & Growth Funds
6. Hypothetical Selling & Closing Lump Sum Sales
Disc 3
1. Why We Recommend Funds
2. You’re the Expert
3. Picking Funds: Measuring Risk & Return
4. Fund Services: Selling Benefits
5. Creating Comfort: Diversification
6. Justifying Fees & Overcoming Objections
7. Understanding & Selling Variable Annuities
Disc 4
1. Know Your Craft: Become a Financial Advisor
2. Setting Security Income Goals
About the Speaker:
In 1983, Roy Matlock was introduced to Primerica and started working part-time at the age of 23. Two years later he got real serious about his own personal finances and goals and at 25 he moved to Nashville, TN where he went full-time with Primerica. Mentored under the great leadership of Multi-Million Dollar Earners Kip Ridley and Ronnie Barnes, Roy understood the value of financial independence in his early twenties. Today at age 48, Roy enjoys the value of his sacrifices from his early years. His credibility and self-education have made him a highly sought after speaker and investment educator not just in Primerica but for many respect companies throughout the United States.

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