Desktop Size - 8.5 X 11 - 2022 Primerica 90 Day Planner - Accountability Think in Ink - Bill Whittle

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Invest in the Primerica 90 Day Daily Planner and we will give you a FREE 1 hour instructional recording by Million Dollar Earner, BILL WHITTLE on how to use our 90 Day Planner!! (Any Quantity)

Bill used this Accountability System to give himself the tools to become the success he is today! 

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2022 Primerica 90 Day Planners

Million Dollar Earner Bill Whittle has taken his years of success in building a big business and created this 90 Day Accountability Planner. With the input of Jim Meyer, this awesome duo have made it simple for you to strategize becoming financially independent. “Think in Ink” about where you want to be in 3 months, 6 months and in a year, and make your dreams a reality.

Follow along and do what the most successful people in Primerica do.  Track your performance and schedule your days and vision with this "90 Day Daily Planner - Think in Ink". This Custom designed Planner is 8 1/2 X 11 with a glossy full color cover and a durable backing, black spiral binding which allows you to fold the pages all they way behind.

This version of the 90 day Daily Planner is good for use with ALL hierarchies across the USA and Canada.

Discounts are available for quantity! Please see the discount chart above.

• Durable Card Stock Cover Sheet
• 1 - 90 Day Cycle Overview Page
• 1 - Motivational Quotes page
• 3 - Month at a Glance pages
• 3 - Building a Big Base Shop pages
• 14 - Weekly Personal Activity Plan pages
      o   Prospects
      o   Calls/Interviews
      o   Invites
      o   KT's
      o   IBA's
      o   Premiums
      o   Investments
• 98 - Daily Accountability pages
      o   Prospects
      o   Calls
      o   Interviews
      o   Invites
      o   KT's
      o   IBA's
      o   Premium
      o   Investments
      o   Debt Solutions
      o   Licenses
      o   Cash Flow
      o   Bonuses
      o   Things To Do/People To Follow Up With
      o   Daily Review
      o   Personal/Team Goals
      o   Self Improvement
• 6 Licensing Process pages
      o   Name/Phone
      o   PFSU Registration
      o   Fingerprints
      o   Attended PFSU
      o   Scheduled State Exam
      o   Passed PFSU
      o   Passed State Exam
      o   License Issued
• 20 Prospects Pages
      o   Name
      o   Phone
      o   Circle 5 point Market chart
• 4 Follow Up/Cross Sell Pages
      o   OPP/IBA
      o   Life
      o   Investments
      o   Debt Solutions
      o   Auto/Home
      o   PLPP
      o   Long Term Care
• 10 "The Team" Pages
      o   Name
      o   Spouse
      o   Birthday
      o   Anniversary
      o   Phone
      o   Solution #
      o   Address (Three lines)

Discounts are available for quantity! Please see the discount chart above.


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