A System Where by Recruiting Never Stops - Vance & Letha Stay - 228 Minutes

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Success in Primerica is built on different struggles, different gains and unique strategies. But the goals remain the same, and Vance and Letha teach you how they reached theirs in this informative and energetic recruiting series.

Chapter Titles:
Disc 1
Vance Stay - Mindset on Recruiting and Building
Disc 2
Letha Stay - Why We Did Primerica
Vance Stay - The Corporate Prison
Disc 3
Vance Stay - Building It Where Recruiting Don’t Stop
Disc 4
Letha Stay - Partnership
Vance Stay - Steps for Financial Success
About the Speakers:
Vance and Letha Stay have taken the Northeast by storm. Regarded for their lively stage presence, this husband-wife team spoke at 11 events across the country in 2006 alone. Their optimistic outlook and significant business know-how combine
to convince you that you too can beat the odds and fulfill your dreams.

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