Builders Ranch Retreat - Michael Sharpe - 256 Minutes

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Pasadena, California - 5+ Million per Year

“You MUST dismantle and destroy any personal attitude, activity, fear or person that stands in the way of Winning!”
The Builders Ranch Retreat is THE PFS Manual for moving the momentum of a hungry, rag-tag army of average people to GREATNESS! This incredible recording features Mike Sharpe outlining his specific internal and external actions that led him to be the #1 Earner in Primerica. Listen and learn that Mike has challenges with self-esteem and what he does to overcome negativity in a positive manner. Become a full-time Encourager, Believer, and Inspirer of people’s dreams. The Builders Bible Ranch also features utilizing the S.M.AR.T. Loan Program to transition Part-Time people, to Full-Time with Shane Perry. Develop an attitude that permeates with gratitude, attract hungry and willing recruits, and then teach them how to lead by example! 
Mike covers topics including:
  • Building the 2nd & 3rd Base Shops really made the difference
  • Understanding how to manage Momentum & Move Teams
  • You Must Have a 30K Base Shop – that’s where it really starts!
  • How to Inspire People
  • Get the Willingness to Carry the Emotional Load of the Team
  • Being Full-Time in Primerica is SPECIAL
  • Give your FT Energy to FT People and your PT Energy to PT People
  • Part-Time People are just Visitors
  • The 3 Days of This Business
  • Designing & Creating a Breeding Ground for Full-Timers
  • You Must ask people to go Full-Time – help them overcome their Fear
  • Be the Loudest & Most Dominate Voice in Your Recruits Lives
  • Using S.M.A.R.T. to build BIG
  • Getting to know the Partner
  • Avoid getting to smart to be enthusiastic
  • Fall in Love with the S.M.A.R.T. app NOT the Loan
  • This Company is built for Part Timers but driven by Full Timers!
  • The 13 Activities to avoid that will Terminate your PFS Business
Chapter Titles:
Disc 1
1. Your Quest: Defining Your Goals
2. Developing Your Winning Environment
3. Know this is Where You’re Suppose to Be
Disc 2
1. The Window of the FT Opportunity
2. Creating a Full Timers Explosion
3. Keys to Building FT People
Disc 3
1. You MUST Use S.M.A.R.T. to Build BIG
2. S.M.A.R.T. Building Principles - Raoul
3. Your Responsibilities to Be a Winning Leader
4. The Truth Never Changes
5. S.M.A.R.T. is a Call to Leadership – Shane Perry
Disc 4
1. S.M.A.R.T. Produces Full-Timers – Shane Perry
2. Focus on the Right People – Shane Perry
3. Terminal Activity for PFS
4. Addressing & Conquering PFS Fears
About the Speaker:
With over 23 years experience in PFS, getting his small, humble start with the Company Founder, Art Williams, Mike Sharpe has become a Leader of Leaders! Earning 5 Million Dollars a Year, Mike Sharpe is the highest paid SNSD of Primerica. Building and developing leaders has been the key to Mike’s success, such great leaders as Hector LaMarque, Rick Susie, Chris Howard, and Shane Perry – all Million Dollar Earners, just to name a few. As a self-less leader Mike Sharpe is sought out by many people in all walks of life as a roll-model for inspiring people to achieve their best!

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