Build it Wide - Bob Safford - 58 Minutes

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Wayne, PA - 4+ Million Dollar Earner

Build It Wide is a classic talk delivered by the Master of Large Number Systems, Bob Safford. Bob delivers crucial steps to systematically develop a wide Primerica organization. Build It Wide addresses the mistakes that are common and gives the systematic solutions to developing an organization built on a solid numbers. The keys to success given in Build It Wide are fundamental and time proven. This one hour classic talk gives the essence of how the Safford Legacy was built and the “How to” duplicate for yourself!
Bob covers topics including:
• Transitions: Player à Player/Coach à Coach
• Not What you say, it’s How you say it
• “How to” Success Principles
• Defining a “Key Person”
• Developing 7-10 Key People
• Mindset: Base Shop vs. RVP Factory
• Hot-Buttons
• Picking a RVP Development Pace
• Efficient Success Scheduling – Balance of Family Time
• CBA: Conceive to Believe to Achieve
• Is what you are doing NOW going to build an RVP?
• Obtaining Large Numbers Consistently
• Enthusiasm Overcomes All!
Chapter Titles:
Disc 1
1. Transitioning from Player to Coach
2. RVP Development Pace
3. Efficient Scheduling
4. Obtaining Large Numbers
5. Success System Numbers
About the Speaker:
From poor and humble beginnings Bob Safford knew from childhood what life he wanted, the life of a millionaire. He became a student of the wealth and by age 28 made his first million. Bob meet the founder of Primerica, Art Williams, while working as a top executive at another Insurance Company. In 1980 he signed on with A.L. Williams, now Primerica, because Bob saw the incredible opportunity to build his company within a company even though he was already financial independent.
Bob is an above average achiever having graduated from Cornell University, Marine Corps Officer, and founder of his own insurance company. He constantly challenges himself and his organization to set new goals and pioneer new territories. At 70 years old Bob brought the Primerica opportunity to the United Kingdom and exploded his organization in unfamiliar culture. 
Discipline, honesty, integrity, giving and gratitude are just a few of the principles that comprise Bob Safford. Earning over 4 million dollars a year Bob could have stop working long ago, but Primerica is NOT work for Bob. Learning, inspiring, teaching, and changing peoples lives is his passion and what makes Bob the Top Superstar!


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