2 Years to $100,000 Brandon Neil - 46 Minutes

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St. George, Utah Current Income: $1,029,431 last 12 Months

“Someone’s got to do it first”

Brandon Neil is ready to compete! He doesn’t want to just beat everyone where they are now. He wants everyone to do their very best and THEN beat them. This very motivating talk was recorded at a Chris Howard Event in 2005. Brandon was already competing then and he hasn’t stopped yet. The youngest Millionaire in Primerica history, he knew from the first day what it takes to make it. Listen to this talk at the beginning of every week to get focused and on track to make every day count!

  • How to Think Bigger and Better
  • How to get focused on competing
  • Don’t over train
  • Lead from the front, be an Example
  • Play the game
  • How to get everyone off to a fast start
  • People need to be reminded more than instructed
  • You’ve just won the lottery
  • This isn’t work
  • The Crusade
  • How to Overcome Objections
  • How to build in a warm market
  • Focus on the recruit not the sale
  • Building $100,000 base shops
  • It is time to stop taking this business for granted

Disc 1
1. It’s Time to Get Fired Up
2. Compete, Don’t Compare

About the Speaker:

Seven years ago, Brandon and Lexee Neil of St. George, Utah, were newlyweds making $10 an hour each working in the bill collections department of a major credit card company. Today, the dynamic duo is helping families avoid ever receiving a call from a collector. How? Through Primerica, they educate people about their finances and offer them solutions to help them get out of debt, protect their families with term life insurance coverage and save for the future.

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